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Drinking again. I got drunk in London during the summer but didn't have my 3DS with me back then, otherwise I'd have used Wi-Fi to post about nearly getting run over by a bendy bus because I'm an idiot when drunk.

Only got two pint of Stella Artois in today, so I might not get drunk enough for this. Also I'm drinking because of this. Twilight. Got to be one of the top 10 reasons to start drinking again.

Edit: More drunk. Watch that review. But get some booze first. I'd say at least three pint of a decent lager. You have to be at least moderately drunk by the end of it for it to really work. I've had two pint of Stella Artois, and I think I'm a little off. Three would be the butter zone. But I'm like 140 pounds, so use your discretion. But yeah, see it, seriously.
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