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Originally Posted by The 9th Sage View Post
Even if you have bootmii, if your boot2 isn't up to date (what is it...boot2v4 now I think?) the update'll overwrite BootMii.

IMHO, the best thing for you to do is to get something like Dop-Mii (from to make sure you have all the current IOS (currently they list all but the one for System Menu 4.3, which you're unlikely to need anyway). Just DON'T install a stubbed IOS for an IOS you need...that is, the one for your current system menu.

Then you can probably load the game via GeckoOS. If you don't want to do that you can do what I do and use one of the several apps that can patch the update check out of the System Menu. If you aren't on 4.1, I'd use Dop-Mii to ensure IOS60, a non stubbed one is installed, and then use NUSD (also available on Wiibrew) to download a WAD package of System Menu 4.1 for your region.

You could then install that using one of the several available WAD installers, and you'll then be relatively up to date. Except for the Shop Channel, but you can update that with DOP-Shop, also available on Wiibrew.

As far as patchers, there if I recall options for System Menus 3.2, 4.0, 4.1, and 4.2. Assuming you're on a 4.x System Menu, I'd recommend StartPatch which (yes) can be had on Wiibrew. Activating the "Block Disc Updates" patch means your Wii will never bother you for an update from a game disc ever again. You'll just need to make sure that every once in a while you check around for new IOS (if a game refuses to load then you'l know you need one you don't have). They're easy to get with something like DOP-Mii or NUSD. That said, you won't need to do that often.

If you've any questions, feel free to ask. You'll be fine since you have BootMii and this is a good way to fix the system should the System Menu get messed up (and updating this way will NOT update the boot2 of your Wii, keeping it intact) but you should still be careful.
I downloaded and installed the latest version of Bootmii, so shouldn't give me a problem.

Now the trick will be to play a new game WITHOUT the new system menu being installed. I want to buy and play Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, which will most likely install the new system menu. But if the game asks to install a new system menu I won't know what to do. I could do a couple things:

1, I could let it install the menu.
Pros: The game will work flawlessly.
Cons: I may lose my copy of Homebrew Channel and Backup Channel (which plays actual backup disks supposedly, though I don't have any burned Wii games to test it with).

2, I could let it start to install and then (as I read somewhere on the net regarding another previous update) kill the power to the Wii (pull the plug) like a quarter or half way through the installation of the system menu update.
Pros: I may trick it to think it installed the new menu, but really hadn't (at least not completely) and will be able to play the new game but also keep the hacks I installed.
Cons: If the system update contains GAME CRITICAL updates, I may be stuck unable to play the $50 game I just bought. Or even worse, it may be a partially installed and therefore quite UNUSABLE system menu that won't boot (thus bricking the Wii). The only remedy for that would be to boot from Bootmii (which hopefully still would work) and try to use it to boot the Homebrew channel directly and use that to run a system reinstaller to install the original Official Nintendo system menu completely (if such a system repair homebrew app even exists).
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