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Originally Posted by The 9th Sage View Post
I was lucky enough, by blind chance to have today off, so I've had lots of free time today. How's the iPhone working for you? I suppose they're neat gadgets, but I kind of stay away from having a cell phone. I don't want people to call me constantly or everywhere I might possibly be.
Well, I love the iPhone and all the neat apps, like maps, gps, radios, msn, etc. Let's not forget that it makes an awesome mp3 player too I need a cell phone because sometimes I have times where I need to be available at my job. Also, when I'm not at home, in my car, on the road, etc, it's nice to be able to call some friends. Let's not forget the emergencies, like if my car break down or if I or someone gets hurt, etc. When I don't want to be bothered, I just turn the phone off.

As for Mario, I got 2 stars now. One with Yoshi and the other with the big Piranha plant dude. It does seems harder, but I thought it was because I haven't played the first one in a while. (Well, I haven't played GAMES for months, lack of time. Except Metal Gear Solid 4. There's always time for Metal Gear)
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