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My second guess was right. I've confirmed (more or less) that Rocky is unplayable with the "clean" rom. You must use the original release that is "hacked". The specific issue is with the EEPROM, it seems. If I recall correctly, this also happened with other games, but most of use didn't really care. I believe that you have the "perfect" dump of the rom, which means you can't actually play it on emulators unless you modify something (what exactly, I don't know, I've never bothered to play those games). The CRC32 of the working Rocky rom that I've tested is E1702B0A. This is a semi-fixed version, as it only removes the intro added of the original release (0741 by Venom).

I'm assuming Top Gun must have a similar issue. Get the first relased dumps and you will be able to play them. You could actually hack them yourself, but it's been a long time since I did that and I don't remember how exactly and can't tell you how. There is a tool developed by no-intro which might help you. But honestly, it's easier if you get the hacked dumps.
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