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Originally Posted by Jathys View Post
My next tidbit of Harvest Moon news comes tomorrow.
So much for "tomorrow", huh? Well, I never have cared much for deadlines.

While sniff.exe'ing (thanks FuSoYa) for compressed data a few years ago, I found some graphics that I never saw anywhere in the game. Checking on-line turned up nothing either. The only logical conclusion then, was that these were never in the final release of the game.

Anyone who has tinkered around with HME 4.0 may have already noticed the "beta endings" listed in the compressed graphics and palettes. I have no idea how to unlock/re-enable these in the game, but hopefully somebody can figure it out in the future. In any case, there are 4 "beta endings". My favorite ("Perfection") is below:

*Thanks to MathOnNapkins for translating

For the rest of the beta endings, click over to the Harvest Moon Beta Page:

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