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Default Re: ORDERD MY NEW LAPTOP!!! :)

> closure of AAC

Sorry, but this is mis-information. You see, AAC is an open standard, Apple can't close it, which explains why my ps3 can play it back, my friend's zune and archos players can handle it, and my dvd player can as well. So my first point is Apple cannot close an open standard. That borders on FUD.

Now, what they have closed is their proprietary additions/extentions upon the AAC standard, which deal with DRM. Something that I see no problem with since it is necessary for their business model (RIAA wouldn't go anywhere without DRM), and it is not the only option available for getting your media. Judging by their success, I believe that not many other people have a problem with it either. They're essentially piggybacking FairPlay on the AAC standard. I'm all for being against DRM on principle, don't get me wrong, but sometimes the crusade against it all devolves into false facts and misinformation.
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