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Default Re: General Information about SMILE needed please.

> can I simply expand the rom, and create the new room in
> the expanded new banks?

Yes, actually. And, in case you didn't know yet, SMILE has an option to expand the ROM a bank at a time.

> I've just been playin around and tried to make the space
> jump item in a place early in the game, and everytime I
>enter the room with it inside, the emulator freezes.

A few things can cause this, but I'm going to take a guess at what it probably is in your case. One of two things:
1) If you added the PLM, SMILE may have screwed up the PLM's for the room.
2) If you changed an existing PLM into the space jump (I'm guessing this is what you did), then check the following:

Index and Index2 have some special uses sometimes. Index should always be safe (though you'll normally want each item to have its own value, the game won't crash if you don't). Index2, however, should be kept as either 00 or 80. The higher values often seen in special PLM's (the map station, for example) are used to call special things and could crash an item PLM easily.

BTW- Feel free to ask questions here, but keep in mind that I have an IRC channel as well. I'm often on and so is Drew (the guy who did Redesign). That's where a lot of people learn some of the details of SMILE . . . #jzd on
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