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Default Re: Does this look infected?

> Get a bucket of acetone and plunge your wrist into it. It
> may hurt like fuck but I guarantee it'll kill any infection
> and cauterize the wound.

Cut a nasty hunk of skin off of my finger on the treater *prepreg maker* and the guys told me to just put my finger in the 5 gallons bucket of acetone. They didn't mention any pain from this and I was new. Well through the plate glass and over the sound of a 120 dbl machine and in another plate glass enclosed room 30 ft from me they heart my scream. Yeah just one, it lasted close to 5 seconds and was louder than fuck but it was good for a laugh. Sure broke up the boredom of that 12 hr shift for me. <img src=smilies/cwm11.gif>
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