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Default as for the non-undo undo

SMILE's file compare feature is good (but damn slow) for finding where data has been changed in the rom. I'll be speeding this up immensely at some point, due to the IPS capability . . . Using this and bank buddy (an unreleased program of mine), I've recovered several roms of my own, by repairing a *bank*, but not the entire rom.

That said, SMILE's patcher *may* allow the capability of patching only pieces of an IPS . . . So you could start with a fresh rom and apply *most but not all* of an IPS, to get rid of the bad section and have less to redo.

Of course, that is without any undo needed.

I think all I'm going to do as far as the IPS back ups are concerned.... Imagine having SMILE create an IPS patch each time you save, placing the IPS in a specific "back up" folder, named based on the date and time. Only 2 set backs to this:
1) With large hacks, the folder could get rather large over time if the IPS is being based off a clean rom.
2) I could have successive patches be based on comparing your current rom with a rom that has been patched by all the existing back up patches (faster than it sounds), to keep the file size very very small overall . . . But then . . . What was the negative on this again? Oh well, I'll add number 3 then.
3) If you are working on multiple hacks or decided to start over with a fresh rom, you'd have to be smart enough to either empty this folder or to patch the rom before saving changes.

Anyway, I'm just thinking out loud.
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