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Default Re: Super Metroid on GBA ?

> It's a nice article written by a fan. Many good points.

On a little sidenote, while scouring the forums for it, I've heard that some people have been having decent luck getting Super Metroid to work in SNESadvance. It's kinda hit and miss at the moment though, but SNESadvance seems to be improving as evidenced by the more recent builds of it, so it should be interesting to see in the future.

By the way, neat article. Maybe someone should send this to Nintendo so we can Super Metroid Advance. I'd personally love it since SM is one of the best games of all time, let alone the SNES, and it is the direct inspiration of gameplay like is found in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. It's the first game I can think of that had this kind of gameplay.

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