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Default Re: Salvia - Hold onto your ass

] Those would be fair arguments if there wasn't so much
] evidence to the contrary. If drugs are just as okay in
] moderation as alcohol, why are they illegal? Is it a
] conspiracy? They're not really all that addictive? Sure you
] can say that abusing alcohol is just as bad, but who's
] talking abuse? I've just been raised to believe that any
] amount of drugs is an abusive amount. Was I lied to? And if
] I was, why?

those are very good questions. i certainly don't have those answers. i guess i can only speak from personal experience and say that in one instance i've smoked pot 3 days in a row, then not again for 8 months without a problem (for no particular reason, i just didnt). pot just never was really a big deal for me, and i never really did it that frequently. i'm sure it's different for many people, so perhaps that's why, in my mind, it's far less addictive than alcohol.

*gavin shrugs*

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