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Default Gunstar Heroes (Game Gear) English translation

A toy like Golvellius Valley of Doom, without a two-player mode. It is interesting that the guys who left the aforementioned company and previously worked on Gunstar Heroes wrote it. The new form, Treasure (treasure) showed everyone exactly how to make iconic shooting!
Tempting graphics, and a quick frame change will give you adrenaline to cut down the stream of enemies that met on your way. I advise!
Read on.

Two twins should prevent the evil empire from rampaging on their home planet Gunstar-9, which their ancestors have defended for many generations in a row. The vile Red Colonel, looking like Kelesis from Maou Golvellius, kidnapped your Green brother, forcing you to save him.
A powerful empire learned that there are several gems that can revive an even more powerful robotic monster, named Golden Silver, which will put an end to all living things.
As an initiate, you, as a protector, must prevent these gems from falling into the wrong hands.
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