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Default GSF wont play in winamp

<img src=smilies/cry.gif> So I downloaded the Tales of Phantasia gsf files and also got highly advanced .11. Installed and got like halfway through the first song and it cut out. Since then I haven't been able to get them to work. I reinstalled winamp like 10 times, and tried different versions of HA, including one that had interpolation disabled. Since then I have also formatted and I just tried it again, by redownloaded all the files and installing HA again, only now I get an error message: "Unsupported PCM format 0 hz 0 bits persample, 0 channels" Windows cod 32 File not supported or cannot be translated. I would link the location of the GSF rar i downloaded, but thats probably against the rules. I really wish I couild get this going, any ideas?
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