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Originally Posted by Xeon3D View Post
No. That may not be piracy. But that's what all flash cart owners do right? Just for their own games. Please do note that what I'm going to say afterwards may not apply to you. I'm not saying that you do pirate, but there's a word in my language ("cínico" which roughly translates to "one who says one thing and makes the point that that's only what he does while he does completely the opposite", I don't know the translation to english).
The English word is hypocrite.

Most people, as soon as this topic goes into debate say that that's all they use their flashcards \ exploits \ modchips for. That and homebrew of course.
I don't really understand why there are so many ROM sites and why commercial ROMs are so requested.
They're requested because people are cheap bastards. That will always be the case, but I don't see why legitimate uses should be curtailed because of people who are causing the real problem. Go after the ROM sites, not the modchips.

So basically, what you're saying is that it's illegal to host commercial ROMs. That's all I've been telling these guys.
Yes. I agree. Therefore, I posted.
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