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Originally Posted by Zophar View Post
Yeah, you did a nice job with it! I did notice though that certain iPhone gaming music apps which link to (PSXmusic app comes to mind) rely on the non-zipped format now no longer work as they don't recognize .zip. Just an interesting tidbit... check out the app store and you'll see figures in prominently.

With that said... good work keeping the music alive! I use it all the time myself, ironically!
Well, I went ahead and set up a script that re-parses the emulated downloads for playstation. I got another complaint from somebody that something doesn't work, so maybe there was an error in the original script. It has to re-generate about 52GB of zip files, so it'll all be up by tomorrow most likely.

Another thing to keep in mind, the Playstation section now contains all music ripped from playstation games, as it were in the original game. That means its not just PSF files, but also XA files, and lots of others. There are actually 28 different file extensions, and only 4 are PSF related (psf, minipsf, psf2, psflib). I would say over half the playstation section actually isn't PSFs. This is why in order to make to formats work on a web page, I decided to convert them to MP3.

As for files being zipped, they have always been zipped, either with zip or 7z. Its really impossible otherwise, because unlike NSFs, there are usually lots of PSF files per game.
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