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Default Screen shots ahoy!

World 1 Map

The foreground water effect (this is SMW-style water current water, it does push you back)

New "plains" theme

New Underground theme

more plains action

The Beach theme

new pipe corners

I'll explain the new status bar here too:
Left side: The wavy bar is the air meter. Water will now deplete Luigi's air while he's under it, and the meter will slowly go up as he hits air again. Going over the screen in an attempt to "cheat" by crossing over walls will also deplete your air. When it's gone, you die.
The new coin counter now counts the # of red coins you've obtained in the game. Then there is the score, duh, then the timer.

The right side:
The first box is the item reserve, returning from Mario Adventure, but it's been tweaked slightly (i.e. it goes faster!).
The 2nd box is the abilities box. As you earn a higher score, you'll start to learn abilities that you can enable on the map screen by pressing "select". Only 1 ability can be active at a time and it is never depleted. Such abilities are enabling a "Super Jump" like the one found in SMB2, 2x Invincibility time, and monster tamer, which forces pipe plants to never attack and shell monsters to never come out of their shells once stomped. There are 2 others and will be more later on.
The 3rd box is the Kuribo shoe item reserve, returning from Mario Adventure, with a new way of executing the reserve switching so that it's easier to execute.
The 4th box is the coin meter. As you collect coins through the game, the coin meter starts to fill up. Once it's full, something (not sure what yet) will happen. And I haven't even started to scratch to surface on what's already done to this hack

Oh yeah, the game isn't nearly as hard as Mario Adventure was, but it has challenge in the puzzles I create that don't involve enemies. Enemies are much more scarce and serve as just obstacles to you while you solve the puzzles.

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