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Thank you, I am proud to be retarded. And if I have to be retarded to know that there is a secret group of Rich and Political people who have closed secret meetings and discus issues that effect the masses of everyday people across the globe then so be it. They do exist and President Obama who people love so much is one the people allowed to attend those meetings and has done so on several occasions he is a member that they selected to run for president of the united states, what they talk about in their meetings is not known to the public or anyone who isn't among their selected elite. It's a secret organization that has figure heads from every country in the world who knows what they talk about I don't. So If that is retarded then yep I'm freaking insane. Because it is real. I don't believe that they can do nothing really, they are just a group of elite pansy's who will in the end fall short cause they can't fight their way out a paper bag. And I don't even care, I just state the facts.

On the other hand Bill Gates he is a Genius having a 160 I.Q. maybe he could be controlled but I doubt it. A fuctarded hated Genius that people hate because of Windoze but he still is a Genius.
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