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Default Re: LOL DOOD!!!!

You fuck. Who the hell do you think you are?

There's nothing wrong with trying drugs, or doing them. It's like drinking alcohol, and probably better for you too.

At least with pot and salvia it's not destroying your liver, or anything for that matter. All it's doing is messing with your system to increase your dopamine levels, or the other one (Forget the name, the symbol is ACh or something).

ACh is a stimulant, and dopamine is a depressant. Both work at the same time to keep your body at a normal level of health, and when you add a stimulant (Drugs and alcohol), dopamine is going to start being produced more to keep your body at a normal level.

This is also how addictions occur, you take it so much that your body adjusts to this new level and when you stop taking it in, your body says "Hey, where's my drugs?" and starts to go bonkers until it reaches normal level again.

And you think you're cool for telling me off about drugs. If you're so anti-drug, quit drinking.

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