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Default Re: Salvia - Hold onto your ass

> If drugs are just as okay in
> moderation as alcohol, why are they illegal? Is it a
> conspiracy?

Oh my GOD. Because people are ignorant and think that it will actually stop drug use, or safely keep "undesirable" people away from their children (it won't, and then they're released as hardened criminals). They were banned in the first half of the 20th century during several scares involving things like like patent medicines containing cocaine and/or heroin (this is true), Mexican immigrants using marijuana then getting violent and raping white women (patently untrue), and the concern among the rich, politically influential DuPont family being run out of business by the use of industrial hemp (so they started a smear campaign against marijuana to get it banned, thus saving money). The tyranny of the majority dictates that anyone who wants to legalize or regulate the market is "soft on crime" or "wants our children smoking crack".

> They're not really all that addictive?

There is no such thing as "they" when it come to drugs. All drugs are different. I would say someone who smokes pot all day has an addiction on the level of someone who just can't stop playing Everquest all day and sits around in their parents basement, while someone with a heroin addiction has a physical ailment that makes them sick and desperate when they cannot get high. Psychedelics are mentally exhaustive (the next day, you feel like you read a book about 50,000 pages long), and addiction is not common at all. For instance, I know many people who use psychedelic drugs, but I do not know one person who is addicted to them. There are drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, benzodiazapines like Xanax, and alcohol (haha!) which are quite addictive and can easily ruin your life or kill you if you abuse them, sure. Saying "drugs" are bad is like saying "milk" is a liquid.

> Sure you
> can say that abusing alcohol is just as bad, but who's
> talking abuse? I've just been raised to believe that any
> amount of drugs is an abusive amount. Was I lied to? And if
> I was, why?

Abuse is a subjective term, and indeed they do lie to you about many things involving drugs. To your average person who just believes what they're raised to believe and are taught in school, drugs may only be used for medical purposes. Politicians and law enforcement are expected by the public to uphold this view by whatever means necessary ("Just keep my baby off drugs!"), and their job becomes not to inform about drugs, but to prevent use. Remember, its Drug Abuse Resistance Education, its point being to teach people NOT to use drugs, not to teach people ABOUT drugs. If drugs themselves were on trial in court, much of the evidence against them would be dismissed as "hearsay". Marijuana is not 30 times worse for your lungs than tobacco. It actually contains less tar, and little if any nitrosamines, which are carcinogens present in tobacco that are the most responsible for lung cancer. Marijuana does not cause perminent memory loss. It impairs memory while you are on it, for sure, but not perminent. That's two things I was taught right off the bat by the good ol' government-sponsored DARE program that are not true at all, should I go on? LSD does not stay in your body forever. Dealers do not lace LSD hits with strychnine. Dealers do not give out free "lick and stick" tattoos to kids containing LSD to get them "hooked" (LSD just isn't that kind of drug.)

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