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Unhappy Ok...

Ok.. not too sure if this goes here, but...

First off.. SwampGas. I apologize for trashing ZD and it's reputation. I was young and stupid. Now, after about a year, I think that I've matured well enough to know that my actions prior to 2008 were stupid.

The rest of the admins: I think that creating a second account to deter any harassment (which I rightfully deserved) was wrong.

Everyone I mentioned in that lame ZD 'tribute' (if you can call it that LOL ): Now I agree. It was lame. I think a drunk monkey on speed could do better.

Reaper man: Calling you a d***head was wrong. You are far from that. I apologize.


Wow.. I screwed up, eh? I looked back on my old topics ('BIOS', 'My spoof hack...') and laughed at my sheer stupidity. I guess a year does make a difference.

Let's all laugh at me in 3.. 2.. 1.. HAHAHA!! LOL
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