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Default Re: A few questions, most importantly for ZSNES sprite rendering.

I'm running off a 1.7 Ghz Core Duo processor and about 2 gigs of RAM. I'm not entirely sure how to find the graphic specs on this computer, but I am running off an Dell Inspiron 640m laptop, and the graphics card is a Mobile Intel 945GM Express. It looks like it says it has 224MB of RAM (huh!?) I looked at the problem again, and I realized that it's not that much of an annoyance. What confuses me is that the next gen games run flawlessly but these SNES games lag.

I know why the Play Station games are pausing when they do. I figured that, yes, ISOs go faster like the Reaper said, but it's a preference that I have right now that I would rather load from the drive. The PSX consoles drive spun constantly, didn't it? The emulator is set up to spin only when it needs to, then it spins again and buffers up some more information. Is there a way, or a setting, or a preference that may allow for constant drive spin, or allow buffering to be less frequent?
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