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Default A few questions, most importantly for ZSNES sprite rendering.

I have a few emulation questions.

First off, and most importantly, I'm having sprite limit issues on ZSNES. What I mean is that the emulator lags when there are too many sprites, or too much sprite activity on the screen. A good example of this is in Super Mario RPG. In the first area on my way to Mushroom Kingdom, there are quite a few enemies, and it goes SUPER slow. This happens in some other games as well when there are too many sprites. Shouldn't there be some kind of sprite limiting thing, or an over clocking capability during those occurrences? This is getting pretty irritating, I don't remember this happening when I used to emulate years ago, this is a great laptop that runs N64 and PSX games almost flawlessly, and I would really like to play Mario RPG without four times the wait.

Another question. PSX games run almost flawlessly here on my laptop, except for its occasional two-second pause (when I play a game from the CD drive). Is this related to the CD drive, with drive buffering perhaps? I don't mind this problem, but if it could be fixed easily, I would like that.

One more question. N64 games run almost flawlessly on my laptop (actually PSX games (I think) run better, how is that?). The only thing is that every now and then (ie, in Star Fox during menu transitions with ambient music) the sound is a little clippy. This might be natural, which if it is, I don't mind; but just in case, what is the best sound plugin for PJ64 that syncs with game actions?

That's it for now. Mainly, why are my SNES games lagging so much through sprite overloading?
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