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Originally Posted by schmocke View Post
Sorry man, no further great ideas left here. But make sure you have the latest drivers installed for every device connected to her PC. One more thing: try to disable every entry in her autostart (command prompt > "msconfig") except AntiVir & Firewall. I often noticed, that not tech-affine women sometimes have really useless and weird crap loaded on Windows Logon / start. Perhaps there´s something which collides with Gens!?
Well, I don't remember if I mentioned it, but it's a pretty new install of WinXP, so there's not much on start-up just yet. Either way, I'll look into it in the near future.

And her computer's hardware is completely up to date, according to about 3 driver-search programs. Even if they aren't all up to date, I know that her graphics card, sound card and directx is up to date on her computer. Is there any other important ones I'm forgetting about?
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