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One thing we are reminded again and again is that we are a nation of laws. However those laws need constant retooling. And another major caveat to this is they require fallible humans to enforce them.

We don't have to look far to find major inconsistency within our judicial process. Punishments not fitting the crimes on both sides of the scale. Or some people walking while others do time.

A fairly recent legal stupidity would be the correlation between Pro Football Player Michael Vick's dog fighting and Entertainer Chris Brown beating up his girlfriend.

I love animals a great deal and can't fathom being cruel to them. But it seems absurd that amongst these two high profile cases involving public figures, and consequentially role models, only one of them did real time and it wasn't for beating humans.

What does it say of this nation of laws that, by correlation, valued a lower species over human life? Both should be regarded with respect but clearly there are improvements to be made.

That's just one obvious example but i'm sure we can all think of many more. Dunno what this had to do with your post exactly but that's all i got. haha :P
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