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Originally Posted by Reaper man View Post
. . .

you DO realize that there's already a thread for this RIGHT FUCKING NEXT TO YOURS, right?!
No. Just got there while doing other things. Weird seeing the post in the middle of other posts. As if it was....well I put the original link anyway. Not totally the same. It's unusual for similar threads to exist, people are going to jump to make comments. It happens. Merging them just adds confusion. So not my bad. A similar topics sidebar or something may help.

Originally Posted by Lillymon View Post
Isn't that what the 'Merge Threads' option is for?

Also, while this is awesome, it keeps crashing Flash Player on my Debian GNU/Linux system for some reason. At least it gives me a good test case for Iceweasel/Firefox's new out-of-process plugin support.

Edit: Yay, it works! Took longer to crash than usual, but it did, and it didn't bring down the whole browser this time. Once they extend this to all plugins and not just Flash, it should be great.
Opera and CentOS had less trouble.
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