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Default Re: Crystalis ROM dumping tool (partially complete)

> Is anyone interested in picking up the torch on this
> one?

Ok, this is what I've done. I put all of my notes and code up on my web server. I place the notes and code into the public domain. If you make use of them, please let me know. Crystalis is an awesome game and it deserves an awesome editor.

ps- The code compiles on my up-to-date Gentoo Linux box. You will need g++, flex, bison and netpbm. A normal Gentoo box will have the first three. The notes are all of the files ending in ".info". I suggest that you start by looking at the various make targets in the Makefile. "make allmaps" will build the tool and use it to dump every in-game map as a PPM file, and then covert them all to GIFs. It is very slow.

The code is a bit disorganized. It was a work in progress when I got bored with it and moved on to something else.

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