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Default New SMB3 Hack!

I'm sure most of you have seen/played Mario Adventure, the once most thorough SMB3 hack of all time. Well, I started another SMB3 hack about 2 months ago called Super Luigi: The Red Coin Quest. Which is properly named since each level's main objective is finding the red coin hidden in each level, which is usually revealed after hitting the ! switches.

So what's special about this hack? You already saw what I could do in Mario Adventure, but now I've taken SMB3 in a totally new direction that focuses more on puzzles and exploration. As I said, each level has you searching for the red coin in a level. The main way to reveal it is to find the ! switch, which generates the red coin in it's proper placement, yet, that's not always how you make it appear. I alreayd made a thread a while back about this, but here's a run down of what to expect in this hack:

Brand new graphics
Brand new levels
Brand new objects that add huge amount of depth to the game
Brand new graphical effects never before seen on an Mario NES (and possibly even SNES) game.

I could go into detail, but I need to leave somethings to the imagination, don't I?

You'll see quite a bit of these in the short movies I prepared. To view these, you must have the xVid codec installed. To get it, go
here</a>. Now that said, each file is roughly 2 to 4 megs big, unfortunately I couldn't make them smaller since I wanted to keep somewhat high quality. I have compressed them with RAR to help make the file smaller. ~3.5MB ~4MB ~2.4MB

I'll answer any questions without trying to give too much away. If you thought Mario Adventure was astonishing, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

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