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Default My Mac OSX Tiger crashes constantly!

Just as the subject says, this stupid PPC Mac OSX 10.4.11 on
PowerMac 3.5 crashes at anytime, can't rid of this!

I had emulators on a CD, and they are: Snes9x, Genesis Plus, Nestopia,
SMS Plus, and KiGB + Boycott Advance on a USB, plus their roms.

The most common ways are re-installing Mac (I don't have the CD),
erasing/formating (it might not do anything), and making a new
account (I can't create one as when I try it doesn't appear), so try
to not to mention them. Help is appreciated.

And, yes, I'm a returning member, after the whole simple NES sprite
changing stuff.

I'm a returning member. With a crashing Mac.
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