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Originally Posted by Sliver-X View Post
Actually, we changed so much we killed the game at times. That was fixed as encountered, though.

Yes, FFHackster is what made DXOII a 4 year project instead of a 10 year one.

This is where you're not going to get much solace... All of that but the music involved 6502 assembly and debugging.

Palette Cycle/Town Fade: I watched for writes during the palette cycle, traced it to the beginning and NOPed the routines responsible.

Character Select/Start Screen: The block of code that was used for the character select screen was gutted: Routines were created to load things into the SRAM area which did things like set Player 2 - 4 as Dead, giving Sargon his name, starting PSIs and gear, etc. After this it directly JMPs to the Bridge Crossing scene which I utilized as the game's introduction.

Anything else gameplay related not found in Final Fantasy was done this way.

The music was done by myself in raw hex by first composing it on my guitar and then transcribing it into the ROM.
ok I had a long reply with these quotes seperated, but then for no reason, my machine fucked up on me, so the hell with retyping everything. -_- blah.
anyway, the most important answers were:
1: I figured you'd have crashed it a few times, and was amazed you hadn't in the end product, you messed with things most people are afraid to even think about going near.

2: I noticed your little "kill the other three" trick when going through the coding, amazing stuff.

and 3: anyone with half a brain keeps notes on this kind of thing, so I know you did, since you're clearly freaking GENIUS (not sarcasm, in case anyone thinks it is), and I was wondering, could you tell me where the exact hex addresses for these kinds of things are? I use FCEUX 2.1.0 emulator, which allows for rewriting of a ROM WHILE YOU PLAY THE GAME IN IT, which would come in real handy to prevent this game edit I'm working on from crashing.

4: PS, if you used tile molester, that would explain the graphics work, since I just did to mess with the airship. though I have yet to find the palette call for that item, to change it steel blue.
I also noticed you animated the water/ocean, I'd love to know where to mess with to do that. I freaking hate the still tiles for the ocean, if I could animate it, I'd be able to make currents.

thanks for the reply btw.

when hack is done, beware some towns, they're deadly. >D

edit: seems the airship palette was editable from ffhackster after all, under "control" palette

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