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Originally Posted by Gil View Post
I can't program an emulator worth shit, this is why I was asking if anyone else could do it, why else would I post the idea, instead of doing it?

Oh thank GOD I'm not going to get everyone saying "do it yourself", I hate when that happens. Thank you for not doing that.

I'm not sure I'm describing this quite right now, I'm trying to tho..
I think everyone understands what you mean, and I think that what they're saying is that it would take alot of work to do it, so you shouldn't excpect someone to just show up and do it.

And though it may be a cool idea for an emulator, it would still take alot of time for the user to set it up...

However, I do wonder if there's an emulator that can switch off the 3 synth channels and leave on the noise channel... you know, so that you could use winamp or something...
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