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Originally Posted by EmuWikiAdmin View Post
If you don't do it I don't see anyone else doing it. If you want to listen to music while you play, download an mp3 player!
I can't program an emulator worth shit, this is why I was asking if anyone else could do it, why else would I post the idea, instead of doing it?
As for listening to music, noo, my idea was this: you load the game in the emulator. When the emulator DETECTS MUSIC LOADING, it could stop and ask you what to play, the ingame music, or music of your own. The emulator would do this, not the ROM.
And yes, I do want music, that's why I got this idea at all.

Thanks for trying to help, I think.

Originally Posted by tssf View Post
I won't spam the thread with needless "If you don't do it yourself why should we" posts, however I will attempt to contribute with relevant information.
Oh thank GOD I'm not going to get everyone saying "do it yourself", I hate when that happens. Thank you for not doing that.

Originally Posted by tssf View Post
I believe the emulator needs to be game-targeted to actually work as the emulator can't possibly know all the memory addresses where music and sound effects are stored. However, I also believe someone did this with Megaman 2. Check the forum and see if you can find it in a search there, as I believe that's where I originally read the thread about this idea.
It won't have to be game targeted, it could save a "profile" of what music you want for what game and where you want it.
It would DETECT the music trying to play, so it shouldn't have to already know the memory addresses, it would find them out upon music load attempt.
I'll check romhacking, but if they changed the music in the ROM, that's not what I meant. I meant it would work like subtitles, it would play the music over where the normal music would play.

I'm not sure I'm describing this quite right now, I'm trying to tho..

Originally Posted by The 9th Sage View Post
Hm...speaking of this, isn't there a version of MAME that did this for games such as Golden Axe? Or perhaps it wasn't Golden Axe...I do remember it replaced the music with heavy metal though. :P
Ahaha, here it is. Sadly, the download seems to be lost to the ages.
See, now YOU seem to get it. I'll do a google on MAME and see what I come across regarding this.
Thanks for the reply and for the link.
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