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Question NES emulator (MP3s playing in NES ROMs)

I gots me an intresting little idea, and I think you might like it, lemme explain please..

Now, considering that we know what loads an NES music file (otherwise we wouldn't have music in our emulators), and that it loads seperate usually from the sound effects, I got an idea about this.
Considering that there's sites like out there with remixes of our favorite NES musics (AWESOME remixes at that), I thought of something intresting..

Now, I'm not sure if this can be done, but if it could, it would be the most awesome thing since N64 got emulated I can imagine.

My idea:

What if, instead of playing NES music, we got an emulator that detects when your NES rom is trying to play a specific music, and it gives you the option of either playing the original music, or instead, an external mp3 of remixed music in a loop? All it would take would be a little detection coding, an MP3 playing driver, and an emulator that can hold all this together.
Oh, and some knowlege of coding an emulator of course.

And I don't think this needs to be said, but "remember this choice" would be an obvious checkbox to add for people to click, otherwise every time it comes across a music, it would ask you about it, even if it's the same damn thing. It would be known as one of the worst ever if that happened.

Is this doable? If it is, could someone do it? I think it would be amazing if I could play something like final fantasy 1 with all the remixes out there, and no, I don't just want to mute my emulator and play an mp3 in the background, I want to be able to hear the sound effects and whatnot too, while playing. Some times, it's necessary, or you're fucked. (like if you're cursed or poisoned, and a specific sound plays out as a result, or if danger approaches, stuff like that)

This way, you could play your favorite musics, and they would change with your game (overworld music would stop if you enter a cave or battle or something, etc..)

I hope someone can do this, it would be AMAZING I think. Probably would become one of the most popular (if not THE most popular) emulators out there.

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