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Originally Posted by toasterhed View Post
Though, it's very easy to find these types of cheats for NES and you can also search for cheats that use the hex addresses if you want.
It's also quite easy to convert Game Genie codes into ROM addresses that you can permanently apply to the ROM. The Game Genie Decoder Program is one utility that can do this.

And this game is already out in English both for NES and SNES (Ninja Gaiden Trilogy). Look for an English version dump?
As he pointed out, there are differences between the Japanese and American releases of the game other than simply what language it's in, though I'm not sure if those changes are also present in the SNES version. Is it a straight port or is are the games enhanced for SNES?

Edit: According to Wikipedia, the SNES version reset the difficulty of to match that of the Japanese games but removed a couple of songs. If your goal is to play part III in English with the original Japanese difficulty, this would be the simplest way to go about it.

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