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Exclamation How to...

I'm here new user and please... speak to me easy because I'm from poland..
I'm editing Tekken 3 iso with a:
-Hex Editor
-Tim viewer
-Photoshop (coming soon )

I can edit tim files and import/export they...this is easy
I can serch and convert str/xa files and play they...this is easy to

The most interestig for me now is 3d models search (in binary files [bigfile or mung])and export/import they...

Yes...i know this:
(in this 3dsplug are plugins for tod* and tmd and other modles)

but there application cannot find files in binary files (mungs)

Please help me... I'm using goole non stop but i don't saw any programs of this class...

PS:The binary file in Tekken 3 is TEKKEN3.BNS and i'm not so good speak english...this is my first post
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