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Default Re: Save my Wii....or not?

> So convince me, ZMD….should I keep my Wii or should I sell
> it while I can still get a reasonable price for it?

I'm not sure if I can give you a good argument, but it sounds like you've only really played about six games for the Wii (one of which I heard from friends seemed promising but was terrible-- Red Steel-- and another which doesn't use the Wii's abilities much-- Super Paper Mario) besides Wii Sports and Wii Play in the first place, so it's not really surprising that you're thinking about giving it up.

I haven't gone out and grabbed Smash Bros. either, even though I'll probably play it sometime. I'm one of the few people I know that wasn't like DUUUUDE SMASH BROTHERS HELL YES when Melee and Brawl came out. I honestly didn't realize Animal Crossing was anywhere near coming out, and it looks like it's still a ways away-- and honestly, I don't think that Animal Crossing is the reason people have the console (as much as I'm liking the series for some reason). But I have to say, I have been thoroughly enjoying my Wii. On the Wiiware scene, I've recently enjoyed LostWinds, and on the regular console scene, a game I need to spend a lot more time with is Trauma Center: New Blood, which actually has two-player co-op surgery. I mean, how can you possibly resist that? And there are plenty of games I'm either looking forward to or should have bought already (Wii Fit being one of them, even though it's expensive). Hell, I haven't even played Super Mario Galaxy yet and I'm still enjoying the console.

As for reviews, honestly? I really don't read professional reviews anymore unless nobody I know (or whose comic I read, or something) has played a game. I believe the word of someone I know to have similar tastes in games over just about anyone behind a magazine/website review. And as for homebrew, out of curiosity, what do you consider "worthwhile"? But if you really don't care about your Wii anymore, and you're begging us to CONVINCE you that it's worth it, maybe you're not the right audience for it. To my mind, the Wii is just damn fun to play, and it's connected me with people who either never gamed or used to game back when they had an NES and are only starting to get interested again now.

Okay, that probably was rambling and not too helpful... I tend to post like that everywhere. Sigh! So the still longish TL;DR version is: I'd personally say that the way to decide would be to rent some of the excellent games people have recommended here, and maybe something like WarioWare (another game I enjoyed that is really more of a party game in the first place, since single-player isn't much more than some exercise, albeit enjoyable exercise, once you've unlocked everything-- but it only requires one controller for multiplayer) to try with a group of people. I think a lot of the fun from the Wii comes when people who haven't played it before start playing it with you, and a lot of the party games make people look ridiculous, which is always a plus and makes things more fun. If, having played some of the other stuff mentioned by others, you still don't have enough fun playing with a bunch of people, some of which would normally yawn if you mention gaming, to keep it, then it's probably just not your kind of console. That coworker will probably be pretty happy with it if you sell it, I'll bet, especially since demand is so high lately. Heck, I'd practically buy it, since my mom wants one whenever I move out, and I'm gonna be away for a few months. I don't think I have the cash, though, 'cause what that coworker or your friends are willing to pay is just about what it's worth, ignoring demand, according to what Gamestop's asking price is for those games used. And we're tight on cash right now.

Blah blah blah I talk too much rent good games for it and play with some friends.
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