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Default Re: Save my Wii....or not?

How am I supposed to do that, I don't know the games you like. I hear crap like this all the time from a certain type of gamers, problem is they seem to be FPS exclusive gamers who really should have bought a 360.

Also you've fallen for a huge mistake, listening to reviewers. Unfortunately reviewers in the industry today down grade all Wii games, love same old big graphics FPS games, hate traditional JRPG games, and bash any game that isn't in their limited gaming views as long as it isn't a big name release that money hatted a 9/10-10/10.

If you can't tell I've grown to hate the 10point scale where any thing below 7 is crap and only 9 is brilliant. Honestly the whole industry need to switch to 5point scale where 3 is average, 4 is good, 5 is brilliant, 2 is playable but not worth it, and 1 is crap. They also need to stop handing "Dungeon Crawlers" to reviewers who hate them, and that goes for any genre of games a reviewer hates.

As for recommendations well...
A) Zak & Wiki (Adventure(Classic PC Style)
B) Resident Evil Umbrella Chronically(Rail Shooter)
C) No More Heros(Action Hack n Slash)
D) Fire Emblem (SRPG king of the Strategy genre forget FFTactics)
E) Okami (ARPG if you haven't played the PS2 version)
F) Dragon Quest Sword(JRPG meets Rail Shooter)
G) Geometry Wars: Galaxies(Arcade Shooter)
H) Baroque(Only for the most insane Dungeon Crawler fan)
I) Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon(Wait a month and here we have a Dungeon Crawler specifically designed for Wii and less for the hardcore of the genre)
J) Opoona(JRPG when you don't mind the kiddy simplicity)

Problem is Nintendo is keeping very tight lipped about most everything coming out in fall-winter so we no next to nothing, well only that Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a New World is coming. Best wait till July E3 info, summer is always a down time for games(I'm surprised at the DS activity this year, Do I get Etrian Oddessy II, Summon Nights: Twin Age, or FFIVDS)
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