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Default Save my Wii....or not?

The other day, I realized that I hadn’t really played my Wii in quite some time. With the exception of maybe a round or two of Wii Sports bowling or a turn during Wii Play, I don’t believe I’ve put in any extensive Wii time at all this year.

I’ve played and beaten Super Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess, two of the best Wii games out there. I didn’t care for Metroid or Super Paper Mario at all. All of the games that at one point looked appealing (Wii Fit, Endless Ocean, Bloom Blox, Mercury Meltdown Revolution) quickly lost their appeal once the reviews came out.

I also have no great urge to get any major Nintendo release. I am not a fan of Smash Bros, the new Mario Kart game looks lame (no FFA battle mode? What the FUCK Nintendo???) and I don’t see myself investing any amount of time in Animal Crossing. WiiWare is unappealing and I haven’t touched the Virtual Console since Star Fox 64.

The only thing that even remotely looks appealing is the new Homebrew Channel but I figure that by the time any worthwhile homebrew comes around, it’ll be a few months or years down the road.

So convince me, ZMD….should I keep my Wii or should I sell it while I can still get a reasonable price for it? One of my girlfriends coworkers expressed interest in buying it and I’m seriously considering it. If you guys think I should dump it, what’s a reasonable price for a used launch Wii with everything that came with the console, component cables, extra Wiimote, extra nunchuck, Classic Controller, and four games (Twilight Princess, Elebits, Super Paper Mario and Red Steel)?

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