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Default Re: Many years later...

> At least I'm still posting trying to stimulate discussion.
> Everyone should already know not to take me seriously.

But if you were really trying to stimulate discussion, you would be attempting to be vaguely clever with your trolling. Even among people who flame there are people who have good insults that actually burn... and even among the *chans, people can find ways to use memes to humourous effect. You just seem to be spouting out memes and *chan-related terms at random, without recognizing what timing actually makes the use of them funny, which would make you what those boards call a "newfag". C'mon, I've seen you make good posts in the time I've been on these boards. Don't fall into the pattern of the cancer killing /b/.

TL;DR: Try to actually impress people you're not targeting when you flame or troll. You're doing it wrong.
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