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> list here of places and communities that you visit often and
> press refresh allot because you have no life online.

I'm a fountain pen nut, so I visit The fountain pen network</a> quite often. Have to learn to stay off of their marketplace boards.

Also have to get my gaming news fix, so http://www.destructoid.comDestructoid</a> is right up there in the sties i pretty much visit all the time.

After those two, it's the usual digg, and other such places. I do lots of random surfing, so its like new stuff all the time, but these two are really the only ones that are permanent for me. If webcomics count, also http://xkcd.comxkcd</a> and http://qwantz.comDinosaur Comics</a>. I also mostly lurk at good ol' elazulspad, and this place, though with this board its usually just checking to see if it has managed to survive another day.
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