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Default Re: It's Okay that Bush Pardoned Libby ...

> It's intentional. It's sort of a divide-and-conquer
> strategy, but maintains an element of control by "forcing"
> people to go along with something they don't agree with
> because they think everyone else in the party does

so true. that's why i loved the continued references to "the party" and being a "party member" in V for Vendetta. It was so obvious to me what this was portraying.

> Like Jaduss mentioned, politics is more about understanding
> groupthink and how it can be manipulated than anything else.
> By essentially forcing your party's members into a
> mob-mentality state of thought, you can get them to think or
> at least tolerate things they never would have on their own.

it's sad really when you look at what the human mind is capable of. and all these professionals in industries that do amazing things. and yet, the common thug has as good of a grasp as any when it comes to the government - bullshit.
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