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Default It's Okay that Bush Pardoned Libby ...

Because everyone pardons everyone all the time so we should excuse it! Clinton got pardoned so Libby should LOLOLOLOL Ur only saying it's bad because you're a Democrat!

This country has become so partisan and skeptical that no one's willing to stand up for the common good. Justice is evaporating as everyone just labels and dismisses. "You're a Democrat and he's a Republican! So you have a personal interest! So your opinion doesn't matter and you're a greedy, self-serving wankmeister!" NO, he BROKE the LAW and SHOULD GO TO JAIL no MATTER WHO HE IS AND WHO YOU ARE and NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE.

I thought Jon Stewart was overreacting the first time I saw his Crossfire appearance, but now I see what he meant. No justice ever gets served, no common goals are ever attained, when everyone can just chalk everything up to your political affiliation. "Well, that's just how you see it because you're an (insert party)." Don't debate, label and negate, further your own agenda.
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