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Originally Posted by Blue Protoman View Post
Unlike you, I like to not have crap litter my ROM folders.
I don't have crap littering my ROM folders. My ROM folders are fully (manually) sorted and archived. I'm not sure what that has to do with anything that I've said, though. Especially since you were downloading your ROMs from a site that insisted on archiving dozens of bad dumps in the same archive file as the good dump, thus forcing you to download hundreds of worthless ROMs just to get a single copy of a good ROM.

And he wasn't trying to make a profit; he was trying to keep the server up. Difference.
If he was only interested in keeping the server up, why has he completely abandoned the sites? Wanting to keep the server up suggests that he cares about the sites on the server, unless you're implying that he was worried about the server's self-esteem or something. On the other hand, he has repeatedly demonstrated that he's only interested in the money. And unlike you, I *do* know how to get in contact with the administrator and have discussed some of the financial specifics of the site.
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