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Originally Posted by chiefmonkey View Post
When your best guy is Donald Trump, you're in trouble.
You're confusing 'best' with 'most prominent'. Trump is not the best candidate the Republicans are capable of putting forward, nor is Obama the best candidate the Democrats could put forward. But, by definition, they're Republicans and Democrats so they're obligated to put forward shitty candidates.

In addition to celebrating the demise of Osama bin Laden (which might be premature, let's make sure he doesn't rise from the dead after three days), we should also be celebrating the deaths of Muammar Gadhafi's three preteen grandchildren who were eliminated by NATO forces on Sunday. Those little bastards won't be attacking us anymore!

I also commend NATO on their bravery in bombing the daycare center for children with Down's Syndrome. That was a very subtle message to Sarah Palin as to what might occur if she tries to interfere.

I'm looking forward to the Navy Seals going after Henry Kissinger next. After all, he killed far more people than Osama bin Laden ever did, many of them Americans.
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