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My condolences to Mr. bin Laden's friends and family.

This will have very little positive effect on the so-called War On Terror. Osama bin Laden hasn't had an active role in Al Queda for many years now. In fact, there are branches of Al Queda that have never had connection to bin Laden.

Imagine how differently things would have been if, back in 1991, George HW. Bush hadn't bribed the Saudi Royal Family into preventing Osama bin Laden from liberating Kuwait from Saddam Hussein's invasion. The World Trade Center would still be standing, the US wouldn't be mired in a pointless war in Iraq and tens of thousands of innocent people would still be alive.

But the events of yesterday serve as an important lesson for the children of the future: Two wrongs do make a right and violence does solve everything. They will have ample opportunity to learn that lesson in the future. The US wronged Osama bin Laden so he got his revenge, now the US has gotten their revenge back. It's only a matter of time before the cycle perpetuates again.

America had a chance to open it's eyes after 9/11 and see reality. Instead, she closed her eyes even tighter and stuck her fingers in her ears. As a result, when the next attack succeeds, she'll be standing there with her skinned knees wondering what went wrong and vowing to lash out blindly once more. America truly is the Queen of Hearts, the only question is... who's Alice?
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