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Works fine for me on Kubuntu 8.04 and Firefox 2. It's weird though, because the apostrophe in "I'm" isn't an apostrophe at all, it's a right single quotation mark instead, which makes it look a bit weird and obviously seems to break some (lesser) browsers. The quotes around "autoload shot" use the characters correctly (starting with a left single quotation mark, then ending with a right single quotation mark).

Whoever made the coding for this seems to be a bit too clever for their own good. The quotation marks are all using character entity references, which should be a fairly foolproof way of doing things, but ends up breaking Internet Explorer for some reason. It may look better if the characters are typed directly rather than using character entity references.

‘autoload slot’

How does that look to you? Looks absolutely fine for me in Firefox, and the code shows the characters rather than character entity references. If this way works in IE too, tell the author of that page.
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