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Default PSP Homebrew: Fuse, a Sinclair Spectrum Emulator

Homebrew developer uberjack does it again. Already responsible for several emulators for the PSP - including ColEm, fMSX, and Caprice32 - uberjack now gives us a Free Unix Spectrum Emulator - otherwise known as Fuse - a Sinclair Spectrum emulator.

The Sinclair Spectrum system had a lot of games during its time, so you won't be at a loss for retro gaming with this emulator. Another great thing about uberjack's release is support for ZIP files. Here's what uberjack has to say about the release:

Joining the cornucopia of emulators today is a port of the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator (Fuse), a Sinclair Spectrum emulator. A nice addition to the PSP port is support for ZIP files.

I’m happy with most of the port, however, there is an issue with intermittent tape loading hangs that I will be investigating further. To mitigate this issue (and Spectrum’s slow tape loads), I'm (grudgingly, for those of you who remember Caprice32 ) adding support for Z80 files from the game tab. The 'autoload slot' feature is also available.

Be sure to read the documentation included in the download archive for more information. The readme includes information such as installation, controls, and known issues.

You Can Find It On Our Fuse Page Located Here.

News Source: Kojote -

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