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Originally Posted by Ranch Warment View Post
Ive got this cool filter that can take any 2d video and turn it into 3d video, a funny thing about that, is if it sees a 2d picture it turns it into a sculpture. :O

Its actually a part of my larger scheme, but this little offshoot i think would suit a nice shadowy arcane game cabinet.

It should work on about 75% of games to some fair degree, but of course, 2d to 3d doesnt come without stuffups.

Its not ready yet, as its going about 1fps and the depth map is no-where near good enough, but i figure a couple of weeks and this baby will be as good as itll ever be.

Any one think this is a good idea or interested to know how I do it?
Well. I've got no idea about automatic 2d game to 3d game. But, upon seeing this, I guess I already had the hint. Actually, I read something like When you open a 2d game using the 3d Game Converter, it will automatically scan the game. Likewise when users open improved 2d games using the converter, their mobile phones will automatically upgrade the title to 3D.
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