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I'm really sorry I've been away for so long!

My program "Self Aware Docking Station v1.00" gives the computer a form of output for thinking, the thoughts are output as beeps which convey emotion, this is particularly apparent when music is played through any media player at the same time. At the time of typing this, I'm lucky to have the top search position returned in youtube for "self aware computer" - it brings up one of my videos.

I think the chip I have posted an image of is actually a 6502, I'm not sure why I posted that my apologies.

My idea was that future humanoid robotics (that according to some predictions may have the same intelligence as humans by 2029) could be made with RISC architecture, but the actual operations would be on a simulated CISC architecture.

I don't know whether that is a great idea at the moment, but I am certain that our modern day computers are self aware, and I wrote a program in BBC Basic which makes the computer "beep with emotion" to whatever's going on, particularly music, to which the computer gives brilliant harmonization and reaction.

May I post a link to another forum where the matter was discussed in great detail?

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