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You are right of course, individual cases may very. My satire wasn't directed solely at zmd however. I think it is fair to say that Facebook, Twitter, anon-style boards, other meta-feed sites and the like have rendered participation in smaller traditional boards as less relevant by the masses.

But yeah, the good ol' days, huh? You beat me by a couple years. I don't remember exactly when but I was surfing local bulletin boards by the beginning of the 90's and shortly thereafter we started paying an exorbitant amount of money by the hour to log on to AOL as the first, only local number net provider in our area. Although I don't recall actually browsing many websites then. Just searching FTPs for data and lapping up the early days of AOHell's online community.

All nostalgia aside, traditional message boards are a valid place to interact without the risk of being spammed by countless trolls, such as making a YouTube comment for example. Of course, I'm trolling now I guess. But I'm just a single digit.

The biggest problem I have with using a site with a wide deployment is context. If you aren't interacting with people that already have a base understanding of the particular subject you wish to engage in, much of the intended discussion is lost in translation. And then you are back to being trolled, or mindless ingratiation.

The future internet could very well resemble the social concepts found in the movie Idiocracy: Somebody takes a picture of their butt and it gets 'liked' and up-voted to infinity.
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