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Default Official Youtube thread

ok, I've not been happy with the old video thread for like a while, and today I decided to get off my lazy ass and do something about it, so here it is, the official youtube thread!

Okay, first off, I'm going to lay down a few rules.

1. ALL videos are to be youtube videos embedded using this format:

2. The general theme for this youtube thread is humor, but if the video is really fucking awesome in its own right, then by all means post it.

3. NO music videos! If you guys want a music thread, I'll make one. However, if said music is hilarious, then sure, why not?

4. If there's a user that has an entire channel full of awesome, feel free to link to his/her channel page, along with a couple sample videos from said channel.

Anyway, I guess I'll start this thread off with a channel page I happen to really like, which can be found here. Jpizzle1122 is a channel created by Jonathan Paula, and his videos/shows are actually pretty nicely done. He makes 4 different types of shows as follows:

3 steps to success: This one is pretty amusing. It basically puts a humorous twist on those DIY step by step videos.

Is it a good idea to microwave this?: This is the series that they are best known for, and the reason why most are subscribed to his channel. Basically the host, Jory Caron (and in later seasons, Riley as well) take various items that should be in a microwave and well... microwave them to see what happens. Sometimes, it can be very entertaining (sparks everywhere, explosions, etc). Anyway, to get an idea of what can happen, here's one of the episodes (one of my favorites, this video also shows what they microwaved in season 7, the latest one):

Movie night: This is where Jon reviews two movies recently released on DVD,, and I must say he does a pretty damn good job doing it... I mean if you hear one of his reviews you can tell he really knows what he's talking about. Also, he gets the community involved. He gathers user reviews for the DVDs the week before, then after giving his review he shares some of the user ones, and compares the user reviews to his own. Not only that, but he adds tweet critiques which twitter users can tweet current movie reviews in 140 characters or less. Here's a random example:

Roller Coaster Commotion: This one.... enh... it's pretty much rollercoaster videotaped in a first person view.... nothing too exciting, to be honest and possibly his least popular show.

Anyway, there you guys have it, so check out the channel and subscribe if you enjoy it. Also, post your awesome youtube videos as well.... I may plug a few more channels I enjoy, so stay tuned to that.

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